Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tsing Yi Tin Hau Birthday Celebration 青衣天后誕

Tsing Yi Tin Hau Birthday Celebration

It was the first time I went to the street market and Cantonese Opera street theatre for Tsing Yi Tin Hau birthday celebration.  The locals were all so obsessed with the many street food and snacks offered by the large number of street stalls there!   What a very festive sight!   I believe most Hongkongese have become bored with the chain stores and air-conditioned malls in Hong Kong!   Such street markets should be present in every district and town around the city all year round!  I believe they do not just provide an alternative and cheaper choice for the locals but also help preserve local food and cultures!

青衣天后誕戲棚同市集規模大,美食處處,現場個個食得淘醉,熱鬧非常! 其實香港每區每市都要有大型地攤市集啦,一來有助保留地區特色美食同文化,二來市民又多個商場外的選擇,三來更可以等多尐人小本創業,有助復興經濟!

Tsing Yi Tin Hau Birthday Celebration


  1. Hello Gary,
    Im interested in buying your sketch book on Sai Kung. I think you published this quite some time ago. So, is there anyway I can buy this? Im based in SK. Many thanks.

  2. Hi, almosthereni, so far I have two notebooks out with my sketches as their covers. These notebooks are published under the label "HK Handwrites" and they are available at Commercial Press and Popular Bookstore. You can check them out at this link:


    I'm still working on my real sketchbook right now. I'll post it once it get published.