Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wall Trees at Forbes Street 科士街石牆樹

Wall Trees at Forbes Street

The Forbes Street wall trees is the largest group of wall trees in Hong Kong.   These trees are Ficus (Banyan Trees) and have been growing on the masonry wall for over a century.

I sat down in a local pub,  the Limestone Arms and started sketching and I was really happy that Andrew, the owner of the pub treated me to a refreshing fruit punch while I was sketching.  Thanks Andrew!  


我坐在酒吧 the Limestone Arms 速畫科士街石牆樹。老細 Andrew 見我用心作畫就請我飲杯 fruit punch。特此多謝 Andrew!

Photo from the Conservancy Association 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Hong Kong Legend: Bruce Lee 香港傳奇:李小龍

Hong Kong Legend: Bruce Lee

Oil on Canvas 
Came back from the Bruce Lee Art Show and couldn't wait to paint one myself!

睇完 Bruce Lee Art Show, 自己又畫番張!

Interested party please contact me.
email : contact@studiogario.com

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sketching Kowloon City 九龍城的高與低

Sketching Kowloon City

It's done on a rooftop of an old industrial building in Kowloon City, Hong Kong.  The buildings here are usually low rises as the old Kai Tak Airport was once here in the heart of Hong Kong.  The high rises are all new additions to the cityscape after the moving of the old airport in 1997.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Practising Kung Fu in the Park 九龍仔公園習武

Practising Kung Fu in the Park

This is the second sketch I did yesterday in Kowloon Tsai Park, Hong Kong. In the late afternoon, under the shade of this pavilion, I sketched these two very hardworking Kung Fu masters practising along with the framed Kowloon cityscape. 


Old Tenement Buildings in Kowloon City 九龍城舊唐樓

Old Tenement Buildings in Kowloon City

The building on the left was a typical tenement building in Hong Kong.  Normally, there should be two wings on both sides of the central staircase but for this building, the right wing has been torn down and was replaced by another tenement building which was likely built in the seventies.  The marks of the floor plates are still clearly visible on the right wall of the older building on the left.



Friday, July 12, 2013

「新不如舊」新書封面 New Book Cover Illustration



I'm really happy that my work is now featured as the cover of one of Mr. Wan Chin's books.

The Kowloon Canton Railway Main Station Complex superimposed on the current Hong Kong Cultural Centre.  The remaining clock tower serves as the only connection between the past and the present Victoria Harbour.  The contrast is striking as the skyline
was an inseparable feature of the harbour in the past but for today, the skyline is very much obscured by the skyscrapers!  

Thursday, July 11, 2013

我哋三位 Sindy, Steve and Gary 現身「親筆香港」開幕典禮及簽名會

各位朋友,我哋三位 Sindy, Steve and Gary 將會把我哋以香港為題的作品融入三本不同的記事本並於今屆書展中推出。我哋將於 7月18日(星期四)下午2時30分現身「親筆香港」開幕典禮並舉行簽名會。請大家多多支持!

Three notebooks featuring Hong Kong scenes by Sindy, Steve and me will be available at the 2013 Hong Kong Book Fair!  We will meet with you on 18 July, 2:30pm at the Wan Chai Hong Kong Convention Centre.  Do come and support us!

《Old Aberdeen Harbour – 港人畫港記事本》:香港畫家Gary Yeung的作品“Old Aberdeen Harbour II”融入記事本,呈現了香港仔避風塘的自然風貌。港味濃郁的港人畫港記事本,給您舒適自在的創作空間。
《記憶載睇 – 港人畫港記事本》:香港畫家袁樹基的作品「記憶載睇」融入記事本,以素描描繪七十年代流行玩意,滿載兒時回憶。港味濃郁的港人畫港記事本,給您舒適自在的創作空間。
《大城小巷 – 港人畫港記事本》:香港畫家Sindy Lau的作品「大城小巷」融入記事本,富本土色彩的上環海味街呈現眼前。港味濃郁的港人畫港記事本,給您舒適自在的創作空間。