Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My First Picture Book: A Hongkonger’s Sketchbook is out now. 我首本個人畫集「港人畫港」現已有售

Thanks for your support. The second print of my very first book has just arrived. 

Hong Kong Artist Gary Yeung’s new book set, A Hongkonger’s Sketchbook, documents the diverse and vibrant aspects of Hong Kong. The set includes not only Gary’s personal collection of sketches but also a Postcard Sketching Book. Captivating in its design, content and historical significance, the book is valuable for collection and a treasure to behold.


香港畫家Gary Yeung聯同漢思傑推出了他的個人繪本《港人畫港》A HongKonger’s Sketchbook。套裝一書兩冊,包括了全彩色圖文並茂,介紹香港具有歷史價值和特色的地方繪本,以及含有精美明信片的繪畫用素描本。設計精美,內容豐富,記錄了香港的文化特色,極具收藏價值。

They are available here:

Bookazine (all stores)
Island Wake (Sai Kung, Wan Chai, Central)
Handscript stores (Central, Repulse Bay)
Beachside, (Stanley)
Online Shop: http://www.handscript.com.hk/pp/a-hongkongers-sketchbook/
(Local and international delivery)

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Old Barber Shop in San Po Kong 新蒲崗舊式理髮店

Possibly the oldest shop in San Po Kong. I walked past it every day as a kid when I lived in this area. Now it is the only shop that remains the same in the whole street.

San Po Kong, Hong Kong