Saturday, August 30, 2014

An afternoon at the Central Public Pier 中環公眾碼頭光與影

An Afternoon at the Central Public Pier

After attending a workshop this morning, I walked to the Central Public Pier and did a sketch of the harbour.  Instead of just sketching the harbour,  the intriguing shadows cast on the ground and on the pillars caught me and hence they are included in the sketch.


Afternoon at the Central Public Pier

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Good Afternoon Sai Kung 西貢午安!

Good Afternoon Sai Kung

I stayed at a coffee shop in Sai Kung Old Town yesterday afternoon sketching the street scene.   Since the panorama sketch was quite complicated, it took me the whole afternoon to get it done.


Good Afternoon Sai Kung

Friday, August 15, 2014

Sketching Trams in Central 中環畫電車

Sketching Tram in Central

The trams and the cables above them have witnessed the many changes in Hong Kong for more than a century!  Finally,  I found the perfect spot to sketch them!  I went to Central and found this perfect spot opposite the old Bank of China Building to sketch them.  The winding road and the web-like cables overhead make a very interesting composition for a panorama sketch and so I settled down and spent an afternoon sketching the scene.   



Sketching Tram in Central

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Hongkongese in Taipei : Sketching Beitou 港人畫台北 : 速寫北投

Beitou Hot Spring Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

Thanks to Carton and friends from Urban Sketchers Taipei,  I had a very happy sketch day in Beitou and visited a few interesting spots in the area.  The first place we sketched was the Beitou Public Library, a wooden structure that stands next to the hot spring river.  I was really drawn to the interior of the library so I decided to stay inside and made a sketch out of it.  During lunch, we shared our sketches and talked about different techniques and styles.  Carton, the leader of the Taipei sketch group, even demonstrated to us his quick sketch method.  After lunch, we visited the Beitou Hot Spring Museum, formerly a Japanese bathhouse and I chose to sketch in the balcony of the museum afterwards. 


Beitou Public Library, Taipei, Taiwan

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Retro Ladder Street 復古樓梯街

Retro Ladder Street

Retro Ladder Street
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

The painting is based on an old photo of Ladder Street.  I really like the clothes that the people were wearing which were either white or black which unified the image so well.  A deliberate blue tone  was added to the painting so as to create a cool jazzy feeling to it.  It's also quite a challenge and a lot of fun to paint so many people in one painting.   While painting each one of them, I was like going back in time, trying to think and feel what each person's life was like. 



Painting Old Hong Kong

Painting the under layer.

Friday, August 8, 2014

A Hongkongese in Taipei : Song Shan Cultural Park and Taipei Dome in Construction 港人畫台北 : 松山文創園與興建中的台北大巨蛋

Song Shan Cultural Park and Taipei Dome under Construction, Taipei, Taiwan

It's my first time to visit Song Shan Cultural Park.  The old complex I drew which was one of the two old main buildings was built in 1939 and was originally a cigarette factory.   It stopped operation in 1998 and was finally converted into a cultural park in 2010. 

After a nice walk around the park, I settled in the inner courtyard (Baroque Garden) of the old complex and started to sketch.  I really found the juxtaposition of the Taipei Dome in construction and the old building in front of it a very interesting sight to sketch.  



A Cafe in Song Shan Cultural Park, Taipei, Taiwan

A Hongkongese in Taipei: Si Si Nan Village 港人畫台北 : 四四南村

Si Si Nan Village in Taipei and Taipei 101, Taipei, Taiwan

Heard that Si Si Nan Village has become a hip art venue so I decided to go there to have a look on the first day in Taipei.  It was already quite late when I arrived at the village and sadly the village was closed as it was under renovation.  To waste no time, I climbed up a berm next to the village and sketched the outside of the village together with Taipei 101 as backdrop.