Thursday, July 28, 2011

Four of the Eight Gods above a Columbarium 八仙共融的啟示

Four of the Eight Gods above a Columbarium 八仙共融的啟示
I went to Yuen Yuen Institute last Saturday in the Tsuen Wan area. It is the only temple in Hong Kong dedicated to all three major Chinese religions: Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism.   I sat down under a tree and sketched the columbarium on my right.  The picture above the columbarium was a large sculptural mural depicting the eight gods in Chinese mythology, however I only managed to sketch four of them.   All eight gods were once mortals on earth and came from all walks of life. They represent the rich, the poor, the young and the old, bonding together in harmony, they made many great adventures.  Their fellowship is a big lesson for us to learn in the urban modern world!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Old Street Scene in Tai Wai 大圍一角

Old Street Scene in Tai Wai 大圍一角
It is a studio drawing of a scene in Tai Wai based on some photos I took earlier, a comparatively old district in the Sha Tin area, where buildings are mostly low-rises and have been there for decades.  While many old parts of Hong Kong are being torn down and turned into super high-rises accompanied by super malls, these old charming streets with real local shops and restaurants are becoming increasingly rare.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

中環街市- 「捉跡六億年」壁畫創作展 Central Oasis - Memories of Nature

Thanks for those who came to the opening! The murals will stay on for at least a few months to a year probably until the renovation work begins.
六億年前地球上最早的生命是從海中開始!六位本地插畫師​Sindy Lau, Rita Ip, Steve Yuen, Joe Lee, Gary Yeung, Jamaika Wong, 分別以史前的海洋生物、恐龍、化石、冰河、非洲森林、亞​瑪遜雨林和未來生活為主題,在活化工程展開前的中環街市​二樓行人走廊以壁畫建構一條時光隧道,捕捉地球生命演化​的痕跡,也讓公眾停下腳步,反思人與自然...。

Life began in the deep of the ocean 600 million years ago! Six local artists: Sindy Lau, Rita Ip, Steve Yuen, Joe Lee, Gary Yeung, Jamaika Wong conjured up a time tunnel along the Escalator Link at Central Market, showcasing life from di
fferent times: ancient ocean, dinosaur land, life fossilized in rocks, life in ice age, African safari, tropical forest and land of the future. Capturing dramatic moments of evolution, inviting everyone to feel the wonders our mother earth has been creating, a space for the public, a time to reflect on our roles in nature!