Thursday, May 14, 2009

香港船與島的故事2009 The Story of Island and Boat 2009

After five evenings of Cantonese opera, the bamboo-scaffolded theatre at Sai Kung Town was used as venue for modern dance theatre. A wonderful community theatre project! The shows started this evening and will play until Sunday

14 May 09 7:30pm
15 May 09 7:30pm
16 May 09 2:30pm.7:30pm
17 May 09 2:30pm/7:30pm
Tin Hau Temple Street Theatre, Sai Kung Town

More info from the organizer:

Friday, May 1, 2009

New Painting in Progress: Victoria Harbour in the Fifties 未完成的油畫: 五十年代老維港

油畫底層: 先建立單色光暗對比
The reference photo is a black and white one, so colors on the painting are largely based on imagination.
Underlayer applied to establish values.

The colours of the mountains are too strong, need to lower its chroma later. Only the buildings are basically done at this stage.