Sunday, April 28, 2013

Painting and Drawing Aberdeen Boats 再畫老香港仔漁船全記錄

I used my iPhone to record the whole process of making this painting!  Hope you enjoy it!

Old Aberdeen Harbour II 香港仔老漁港 II

Old Aberdeen Harbour II

27.5 cm x 75 cm
Mixed Media: watercolour, drawing pens and various markers
The painting is based on an old Hong Kong photo which depicts the old harbor of Aberdeen.  Watercolor was applied first using wet on wet method.  Boats were drawn when the watercolor was dry.

Painting Progress: Old Aberdeen Harbour II

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sketching at a Cozy Cafe 咖啡廳內慢慢畫

Sketching at a Cozy Cafe

KUC Space is a very cozy cafe housed in a historic building now currently owned by the Kowloon Union Church in the Jordan District, Hong Kong.  It's a great place for drinks, organic dishes, or just chilling out!  It's an urban sanctuary in the heart of the city!

今天下午到KUC Space會老朋友、嘆 mocha、畫畫同睇書。座落九龍心藏,英式歷史建築內,KUC Space 就好像鬧市中的綠洲!

Sketching at a Cozy Cafe

Saturday, April 13, 2013

39th Sketchcrawl at Wong Tai Sin Temple 黃大仙祠寫生

39th Sketchcrawl: Wong Tai Sin Temple, Hong Kong

Wong Tai Sin Temple is a major Taoism Temple in Hong Kong, located in the district which also named after the god, Wong Tai Sin.  It was a fine warm day today.  The temple was full of pilgrims, holding joss sticks, kneeling in front of the altar, praying to the mighty god of Wong Tai Sin.


39th Sketchcrawl: On Site

After sketching for an afternoon, we shared our sketches together.  Great results!

39th Sketchcrawl: Wong Tai Sin Temple, Hong Kong Results

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Old Aberdeen Harbour, Hong Kong 老香港仔漁港

An ad hoc video recorded by a friend visiting my studio! The drawing shown here is measuring at 4.2 m. The medium is various black and grey tone markers. Hope you enjoy it!

今日一時興起拍的 art video!  整張畫全長4.2米。畫的是老香港仔漁港。