Monday, March 28, 2011

Finally Finished! Central Market Mural 中環街市牆畫 完成篇

The whole mural project involves six artists this time, each painting an area which includes an arch and the adjacent planters.  My part here is to paint a safari in sunset.  Will update with images of other murals at Central Market when everyone finishes, all six together.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Power of Love Mural 愛の力璧畫

A group of Hong Kong artists got together at Sik On Street, Wan Chai this afternoon and worked on a mural, painting their feelings, thoughts and prayers on the wall.  We did this as a response to those who suffer in the great disaster in Japan and also for those who are in need from around the world. It was really special to see everyone put their responses in circles, not in words but in art.
一群喜愛繪畫表達內心感受的創作人, 以壁畫來支持和鼓勵日本海嘯和世界上遇到困難和逆景的朋友。
Location: Sik On Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kowloon in Silence 無人的九龍

Kowloon 2086 

The construction of a new controversial nuclear plant near Hong Kong reminds me of this old painting. In case an accident similar to the Japanese plant happens, Hong Kong will be doomed. And after decades of full evacuation, Kowloon would actually look like this, similar to the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine!

Text edited on 1-9-2013



文字寫於 1-9-2013

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Very Quick Sketch at Gage Street Wet Market and Gage Street Redevelopment 速畫結志街與結志街重建

After working on two sketches and feeling a bit tired,  I decided to make the third sketch a very quick one and so this one was done within 10 minutes at Gage Street, Central.  The wet market here which covers Gage Street, Peel Street and Graham Street is pretty interesting. A living functional street market  sandwiched between old tenement buildings, it serves the residents of the Mid-Levels and at the same time attracts quite a number of tourists, coming here to feel the authentic street culture of Hong Kong.  However, the tenement buildings in this area are soon going to be torn down for redevelopment by the Urban Renewal Authority.  If I were the authority, I would choose not to pull down everything, as the tenement buildings together with the street market have already become an asset to Hong Kong. If you have noticed how many foreign visitors like to come to Gage Street to take photos and feel the local ambience!  Instead, I would help the residents to maintain the buildings.  In case if the structure is already too dated to be kept in good condition, the authority could work with the residents to formulate redevelopment plan, enabling them to return to the same district after redevelopment, therefore allowing the very group of people who forms this "asset" to reconstruct the local ambience.  


市建局快將重建此區,究竟此區地道人文風境可會保留,原區居民可會安排遷回發展後的新樓呢?  如果我係市建局,我就唔會拆咗呢個寶!反幫原區業主修復物業,保住呢個城市生態。又或因樓太舊,要拆,就同業主一同研究怎樣聯手重建,等原區的人與事可以原區重生!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Central Market Mural, Giraffe, Jaguar and Earthquake in Japan 中環街市的大貓, 長頸鹿與日本地震

It was only last week, when I was painting the giraffe,  a Japanese student, who was studying Chinese in Beijing and was on vacation in HK, passed by and we talked about art and his study and exchanged contact emails.  He flew back to Japan the other day and then came the powerful earthquake.  Relieved to learn that he was safe but he wrote he and his family was in deep shock and greatly saddened by this disaster.  

It is indeed a big tragedy.  Let's pray for those in grief and pain will get speedy help.



Finishing painting the animals!  A big cat residing next to the plants
 The whole mural done in general, time to touch up!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sketching Along the Central Escalators 遊繪中環

Through the Balustrade
We walked along the Central Escalators and decided to sit down where the balustrade was right in front of us.  I sketched the Central Police Station Compound together with the balustrade and the interesting sign hanging, stating there is a CCTV around recording everything.  So we are recorded sketching!
Making Picture Frames at Peel Street
This is a picture framing stall at the junction of Hollywood Road and Peel Street.  Hollywood Road is famous for its many art galleries. A large portrait of  Marilyn Monroe is on display across the road at the Sundaram Tagore Gallery and interestingly, by the time I finished sketching the stall in the forefront, looked back at the gallery, Marilyn Monroe was gone already.  My sketcher friend asked did I made it up since she didn't notice there was a portrait.  
Marilyn Monroe gone!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Central Market Murals Updated 11 March 2011

Progress so far.  More tonal changes painted on he body of the giraffe.  reflected lights are also added to the eyes to make them look more real and transparent.  

Outlines of other animals are added as well, including a cheetah, and three birds. Will go back on Saturday evening and keep on painting, hope to make more progress! 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Central Market Mural Project Day Two and Day Three 中環街市牆畫 第二及第三天

 The sunset and the clouds were done on day two.  Then came the under layer of the giraffe and trees, after laying the layer, I started working on the cold reflected lights and some skin patterns, as well as fine-tuning along the way.

Noticed that the left eye was "swollen", like an ulcer, I had to rework to balance both eyes.