Thursday, May 19, 2011

Climber Plant at University of Hong Kong 香港大學黃金葛

Climber Plants at University of Hong Kong 香港大學黃金葛
A huge climber, Scindapsus aureum, is firmly attached on this palm tree in the courtyard of the university Main Building.  I thought it was two separate climbers at first as there were two distinct leaf shapes but after consulting a tree expert friend, he says it's actually the same plant as this species has the ability to change its leaf shape.



  1. It should be Epipremnum pinnatum (麒麟葉 , 麒麟尾- Chinese name from AFCD – HK Herbarium )
    - a climber

    NOT Scindapsus aureum (黃金葛)
    - a groundcover

  2. Epipremnum pinnatum (麒麟葉 , 麒麟尾)- green leaves, usually found in local woodland. Not native.

    Scindapsus aureum (黃金葛) - yellow pattern on green leaves.

    From the picture, some yellow patterns shown, I think it should be Scindapsus aureum (黃金葛).

    Remarks: Both are climber, but
    growing habit of Scindapsus aureum (黃金葛) usually like a groundcover.

    Any plant expert here to comment?

    By the way, the picture is really nice.

  3. Thanks for your comments. I suspect both species are present at the same time. If I have time to go back to HKU, I'll take a photo of it and let you have a closer look! Thanks again!