Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sketching in the Evening at a Cargo Pier 西環貨運碼頭寫生

Sketching in the Evening at a Cargo Pier

The autumn breeze is all around us at this cargo pier in Sai Wan near Kennedy Town.  The absence of railings make the whole place so inviting and thus, people in the neighbourhood love coming here to jog and chill out.



  1. I'm in love with your drawings!!!
    So fresh and lively works!

  2. This is a really good sketch. I love your style. Can I ask you what you used to draw/color the black shapes?

  3. Thanks Federico Cugurullo! I always carry with me various drawing pens and markers as well as a box of watercolors. The black shapes and lines are done with markers and pens.

  4. Thanks Gary!

    Can you recommend me specific brands/models of markers and pens and possibly a good place to find them in Hong Kong? I am in HK for a couple of weeks and would love to do some sketching.



  5. I think most brands will do, i usually use Sakura or Staedler, Zebra and Uni pens and markers. They are available from almost every stationary shop. As for watercolors, I'm using Winsor & Newton. You can get them from art supplies stores.

    Here are two links to two well-know art supplies stores, one on HK Island, the other one in Kowloon.香港美術用品專業中心/4c4abff9959220a10ede8f0e

    And you are welcome to join our sketch group on Facebook too. We go out regularly to sketch :)