Friday, September 30, 2016

Kowloon City Hau Wong Temple 九龍城侯王廟


The temple was built more than 200 years ago. It was thought that the temple was dedicated to a war general named Yeung Leung Jit but no one is sure nowadays. There are a lot of historic relics inside the temple. After sketching the entrance corridor, I included the spearheads of eight of the sixteen beautifully-crafted spears placed on both sides of the temple corridor. They might be symbols depicting the Eight Immortals often times depicted in Classical Chinese literature but I'm not completely sure. 

Sketching Maryknoll House in Stanley 速寫赤柱瑪利諾神父宿舍

A handsome grade 1 historic building in Stanley which has been sold to a developer and now with its future unknown.


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Eslite Spectrum Tsim Sha Tsui Store 誠品生活尖沙咀店

A fun sketch session with a group of happy urban sketchers inside the cozy Eslite Spectrum Tsim Sha Tsui Store. I chose this particular spot where I could sketch the rows of bookshelves on the left , the people reading right in front of me and the Victoria Harbour outside the window.

一班速寫人共聚尖沙咀誠品。 我安坐牆邊,畫了眼前書櫃,讀者與維多利亞港海景。

Friday, September 16, 2016

Sai Kung Cow No.40 流浪牛西貢四十

This is one of the feral cows in the Sai Kung area.  The cows used to be working cows once but as most farmers gave up farming in Hong Kong, these cows became free animals, roaming the hills and lowlands in the Sai Kung District. 

Studio illustration



Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sketching Mid-Autumn Lanterns 中秋將至畫燈籠

Mid Autumn Festival is coming. Time to sketch all these beautiful traditional and modern lanterns for sale. Many Hongkongers would buy lanterns for their kids to play with. However shops selling handmade lanterns are becoming increasingly rare. How nice it would be if more people can make a living by selling handmade items. 

Queen's Road West, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

中秋將至係畫燈籠的好時機!  西營盤皇后大道西還有幾間賣手製傳統燈籠的舖頭,今日上午同畫友前來特地捕捉此情此景。如果香港多些人可以靠賣手藝為生,你話幾好呢!