Friday, April 8, 2011

Blue House Now and Then 藍屋古與今

The illustration is done based on a photograph I took of a rusty photo metal plate displayed on site at Stone Nullah Street, Wan Chai.  The rusty photo shows what the street was like at least fifty years ago. The passing bikes, the people and the children walking in the street really brightened up the whole scene.

Decades passed and this is what is like at Stone Nullah Street, Wan Chai today.  Only the "Blue House" remains and Stone Nullah Street is a much quiter street today.  

The "Blue House" is currently declared a grade I historic building in Hong Kong which means it is of great importance and every effort should be made to preserve it.   However, only buildings or sites declared "monument" will be given legal protection which prevents them from demolition or alteration.

More about "Blue House" at Wikipedia


  1. Hello Gary. I really like this illustration of Stone Nullah Street. Do you do prints? Thanks! Rich (

  2. Thanks Rich! I just replied you on email!