Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Studying Trees at Kowloon Park 九龍公園樹木遊

A trip to Kowloon Park, studying the trees and shrubs by names and how they are laid out.  My two favourites are the very mature Camphor trees (樟樹) lining the park embankment along Haiphong Road and the  Ficus with the sculptural aerial roots wrapping around their trunks.  The line of trees above, large and small, creates a nice-looking buffer zone at the park boundary and frames the buildings nicely beyond.
九龍公園眾樹中,最喜歡的是樟樹同榕樹。面向海防道的一排樟樹,為行人同商戶提供樹蔭。試想夏天沒有了樟樹嘅樹蔭會點!  而九龍公園內的榕樹,有不小是老樹,根系大,氣根密,當中有不小的氣根已落地發展成根座。
The Ficus virens (黃葛樹) is impressive as its roots are spreading downslope, covering the whole area, as large as its own tree crown. 

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