Monday, April 4, 2011

Catering Men in Central Back in the Fifties 五十年代中環包伙食

Based on two old Hong Kong photo postcards that amazed me,  I did the following two drawings.  Catering services in the fifties!  The sight is simply amazing, people carrying large wooden boxes full of meals on plates, passing through busy streets in Central during lunch hours.
早前買咗一套香港老照片明信片,參照其中兩張照片畫咗兩張sketch, 係五六十年代中環午飯時送包伙食嘅景像,頭頂托飯盤真係歎為觀止!
It's like they didn't take much effort to carry them, though I'm sure it wasn't true, especially during the hot damp summer months of Hong Kong.

These catering people serving the many office workers and professionals have long gone, only the trams are still running, passing through Central.

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