Saturday, November 25, 2017

Westminster Abbey 倫敦西敏寺大教堂

Finally got this sketch scanned! It's a big challenge and it was so much fun sketching the spectacular Westminster Abbey!


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Urban Sketchers Hong Kong USK Workshop 10 x 10 Workshop 10: Story-telling in Your Sketches

This is my second workshop and the last of the 10 x 10 USkHk workshop of this year. I'm delighted to share with you several things I have learnt through sketching on location. The following are the details of the workshop: 

Sometimes one sketch is simply not enough to capture the essence of a vast place. Have you ever considered putting and arranging multiple sketches on one single sheet of paper? In this workshop, we will look at ways to document a site more effectively by juxtaposing different sketches together, such as macros and micros, colour and black and white sketches, sketches of different perspectives etc. 

Date: 9 December  

Time: 10:00 am - 1:00pm 

Place: Wan Chai District 

What to bring: 
As the sketching location is on the street, please bring along the following: A small foldable stool Large sketchbook or large sheet of sketch paper (e.g. A3 sketch paper) that allows you to put in a number of sketches, sketching tools of your choice (pencils, pens, ink pens, watercolours etc.) 

This workshop is limited to 15 people maximum.  Please email Successful applicants will be notified by USkHK and given a PayPal link to proceed to payment. The workshop fee will be HKD 300 per person. Please note that all payments are final once made via PayPal. There will be no refunds.

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