Sunday, April 30, 2017

Banyan Tree, Rocks, Tin Hau Temple and Victoria Harbour 天后廟、大石、大榕樹同維多利亞港

It was a fine sunny day at Sam Ka Village at the eastern entrance to Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour.    The entwining roots of this banyan tree growing on the rocky cliff were a joy to sketch!  This Tin Hau Temple (Tin Hau is the goddess of the sea and is widely worshipped in Hong Kong) is also a special one as part of the temple actually stands in the water.  The temple, the rocks, the Banyan tree and the winding waterfront trail together they formed an interesting composition. 


Sketching Dim Sum 飲茶畫點心

A food sketch crawl at Yum Cha Restaurant in Central.  The bunny dumplings were cute and delicious.  By the time I finished the initial blocking, two of the four bunnies were already consumed!


Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dukling the Only Remaining Wooden Fishing Boat of Its Kind in Hong Kong 鴨靈號捕魚船

Born in 1955, Dukling was once a fishing boat and a fisherman's home.  It's now the only remaining wooden fishing boat of this kind in Hong Kong.   Dukling has witnessed Hong Kong's changes for 60 years and now it has taken up a new role as a sigh-seeing cruise ship which travels around Victoria harbour.


Evening at Sai Kung Waterfront 西貢黃昏

Evening at Sai Kung Waterfront

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Bath Abbey 英國Bath大教堂

This is another scanned sketch from my UK sketch trip in 2016. The square in front of the Bath Abbey (The Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul) was filled with holiday makers. The facade of the abbey was brightly lit in the warm afternoon lights.

2016 英國之旅 在Bath畫的速寫。八月下午Bath大教堂廣場遊人處處,下午溫暖的陽光照射大教堂正面牆壁,令大教堂顯得格外輝煌。

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Diocesan Boys School 男拔萃書院

A wonderful sunny day after a night of rain! The cool lights and sharp shadows were fun to sketch. The huge tree (Flame of the Forest) gurading the front entrance of the school was so commanding that I simply had to draw it.