Friday, August 26, 2016

Colourful Hong Kong Exhibition [姿彩香港]小型個人畫展

It's my pleasure to be one of the twelve artists to be featured in this series of exhibitions organised by Art For Life Studio and Black Sugar Coffee. I cordially invite you to come to see my latest studio paintings and live urban sketches which depict the many sides of Hong Kong, our homeland.

Gary Yeung : Colourful Hong Kong

Ever evolving as an artist, Gary was strongly influenced by his training, which tends to make his paintings impressionistic in style. As for content, his paintings exemplify the mystic charm of Hong Kong’s past, present and future. Drawn with vivid and intricate details, they feature objects and people that Gary finds relevant, if not profound. These works often represent the demure yet visceral feelings he possesses as a proud local born.

Gary Yeung [姿彩香港]


exhibition | 1 - 31 September 2016
venue | Black Sugar Coffee, 8 Peace Avenue, Ho Man Tin
opening hours | Mon - Fri 8:00-18:00
Sat & Sun - 10:00-18:00

Thursday, August 18, 2016

England Travel Sketch : Paul Heaston's Workshop 英格蘭旅行速寫 :Paul Heaston 魚眼畫法工作坊

I attended veteran sketcher, Paul Heaston's workshop in the Manchester Urban Sketchers Symposium.  It's about fish-eye-view sketching which means capturing and putting as much as I can see from the street on the limited space on the paper.  A great exercise and great tips from Paul Heaston! 

曼城速寫人大會其中一個工作坊是大師Paul Heaston 的魚眼畫法工作坊。畫時盡將眼前見到的街景盡收在有限的畫紙空間上。 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

England Travel Sketch : The John Rylands Library, Manchester 英格蘭旅行速寫 :曼城The John Rylands Library

The library was built in 1900 by Enriqueta Rylands for her husband and later as a gift to the people of Manchester.  In the sketch, I drew the staircase which shows the gothic style of architecture.  I sketched the early printing machine on display as well and finally, I sketched the statue of Enriqueta Rylands. 

John Rylands 圖書館建於1900年。Mrs Rylands 原為紀念她亡夫而興建。後來圖書館成為送給曼城市民的禮物。此速寫畫了圖書館歌德式樓梯,早期印刷機及Mrs Rylands之人像。

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

England Travel Sketch : Sugar Junction 英格蘭旅行速寫 :曼城甜品店

On the first day in Manchester, a group of Hong Kong sketchers couldn't wait to try out the delicious desserts at Sugar Junction in the Northern Quarters of Manchester. As urban sketchers, it's almost a responsibility to sketch the food and the tea before the food and the tea were allowed to be consumed.

曼城第一日,我哋幾位香港速寫人來到曼城Northern Quarters一間甜品店歎茶食甜品。不過身為速寫人,第一件事就梗係畫咗啲甜品先可以食。

Sunday, August 14, 2016

England Sketch Tour 2016 英格蘭速寫之旅2016

I really enjoyed the Manchester symposium and the subsequent travel to a few English cities and villages and here I composed a little video with footages of different places I visited as well as some of my sketches I did on location. (in Cantonese) 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

England Travel Sketch : St Fagans National History Museum 英格蘭旅行速寫 :St Fagans國家歷史博物館

Unlike many museums which house their exhibits indoors, St Fagans is an open air museum which occupies a large plot of land in the countryside at the outskirts of Cardiff.   I spent an afternoon strolling through the old village houses, shops and town facilities which showed how life was in the past.  I decided to sketch three separate scenes I found interesting.  From the right is an old  farmhouse where livestocks and people once shared the same roof, middle, a building which housed two shops and left, farmland where sheep roamed freely.

St Fagans 位於卡迪夫市郊,有別於大多數室內博物館,博物館本身是位處室外,古時的農村小屋,小店及農場組合成博物館主體。我選擇畫了三個景觀,分別是右面農民小屋,古時牲畜於人共處一室、中間農村小店及左面草原羊群覓食。

Friday, August 12, 2016

England Travel Sketch : Cardiff Castle 英格蘭旅行速寫 :卡迪夫堡壘

The castle had been rebuilt and expanded several times since the 11th century.  The location obviously was of great military importance.   It was rainy so I stayed in a balcony of one of the castle walls to sketch the castle.  I used markers instead of watercolour so that I could work faster in the damp weather.