Wednesday, August 17, 2016

England Travel Sketch : The John Rylands Library, Manchester 英格蘭旅行速寫 :曼城The John Rylands Library

The library was built in 1900 by Enriqueta Rylands for her husband and later as a gift to the people of Manchester.  In the sketch, I drew the staircase which shows the gothic style of architecture.  I sketched the early printing machine on display as well and finally, I sketched the statue of Enriqueta Rylands. 

John Rylands 圖書館建於1900年。Mrs Rylands 原為紀念她亡夫而興建。後來圖書館成為送給曼城市民的禮物。此速寫畫了圖書館歌德式樓梯,早期印刷機及Mrs Rylands之人像。

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  1. Beautiful drawing! As usual... :)