Friday, May 23, 2008

Two paintings and One Print

This one with the little girl in the stream was conceived while I was wandering along a stream near Sheung Yiu, Sai Kung. I called the painting "Sai Kung Alice" cause that little girl reminded me of Alice's adventure in Wonderland.

"Enjoying the Sun" is based on a rough sketch I did in an outing to Clear Water Bay, Sai Kung. It was a wonderful afternoon with the sun shining brightly and yet the weather was cool and pleasant.

The print of the "Sai Kung Fish Market" was based on a sketch I did during daytime. The color and early morning mood were all imagination. I remember someone told me the dim morning sunlight should be on the other side of the picture, so I made a mistake. Wonder if the person who bought it will ever notice it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

HK International Printing & Packaging Fair 2008

HK International Printing & Packaging Fair 2008

The Hong Kong Society of Illustrators had set up a booth at the fair at AsiaWorld-Expo showcasing profiles of and artworks created by a group of talented and very enthusiastic local illustrators and art practitioners. Happy that I was one of them who could display my work and yet sad as I couldn't find time to help out and interact with people at the venue.