Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Caernarfon Castle 北威爾斯一城堡

The third scanned sketch is Caernarfon Castle. It was a bright sunny afternoon and I really enjoyed sketching and chatting with visitors and locals at Caffi Maes there. I especially have to thank Kata Szekeres for your interest in my sketches and the photos you took of me sketching there.

當日下午北威爾斯陽光普照,我坐在Caernarfon Castle 前的咖啡室一邊速寫一邊飲下午茶。過程中認識了一位當地的攝影師朋友,她還幫我拍了很多照片。

Monday, September 18, 2017

Sketching in and around Alexandra Gardens in Cardiff 卡迪夫市中心 Alexandra Gardens 速寫

Another sketch scanned. It was a great day out at Cathays Park in Cardiff with Clara and Polly from Urban Sketchers South Wales. I really enjoyed sketching the historical elements there. So much to sketch that I decided to do a collage sketch in order to capture the ambience of this area. The first piece was the Welsh National Memorial which is located at the very centre of Alexandra Gardens. The second piece was the statue of Perseus holding Medusa's head displayed in the National Museum Cardiff and the third piece was a statue on the right side of the Glamorgan Building located on one side of the gardens.

英國之旅另一張速寫。當日與兩位南威爾斯速寫人,Polly 同 Clara 一同前往卡迪夫市中心 Alexandra Gardens 速寫。公園環境優美,四面皆是歷史建築,有大會堂、博物館、卡迪夫大學不同學院等等。我選擇畫一張拼合速寫,首先畫位於Alexandra Gardens正中心的威爾斯國立戰爭紀念碑,然後是卡迪夫博物館內希臘神話英雄Perseus手拿蛇髮女魔Medusa首級的銅像,最後是卡迪夫大學其中一座學院大樓的巨型石像。

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sai Kung Cows 西貢牛

Too hot to sketch outside, I stayed home and painted this while my two cats were taking their nap. I initailly started to paint these Sai Kung cows with lighter watercolours with a little bit of black ink. I then left the painting and ink on the table and went out for lunch. When I was back, there were black marks and dots on the painting thanks to one of my cats! I decided to use gouache and lots of black ink to repaint the painting. The mood completely changed!

* I used the same draft for this studio painting and the mural that I'm still working on in Sai Kung Town.


Saturday, September 16, 2017

Cardiff Castle 卡迪夫城堡

The second scanned sketch is Cardiff Castle. It rained all afternoon that day. In order to avoid the rain, I stayed inside a sheltered wooden corridor up on the castle wall and sketched part of the castle and of course the rain.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff 卡迪夫市內的大教堂

It has been a while since I last posted.  Here comes the first sketch I did during my trip to the UK.  Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff.  I was glad the sky was clear that day which cast interesting lights and shadows on the facade of the cathedral.

已經有一段時間冇貼文!今日首先貼的是在英國的頭一張速寫。這是位於威爾斯卡迪夫市的Llandaff Cathedral! 當日天氣良好,陽光照在大教堂正面牆壁,光影分明。