Sunday, November 20, 2011

Temple by the Sea 鯉魚門天后宮

Temple by the Sea 鯉魚門天后廟

Hong Kong has always been a maritime city and temples built for the goddess of the sea are scattered around the city.  However, many of these temples originally built at the waterfront are now far away from the shorelines due to reclamation works that have been carried for a century.  This temple is a rare one as it still stands at the waterfront, guarding the passing ships at the eastern entrance to the Victoria Harbour.



  1. You have been quite inspired by Lei Yue Mun recently!

  2. Yup, Emilie! It's truly an inspiring place. Charming in its own right!

  3. Yes, perhaps because of the sunset views it gives, it's also a popular spot for camera geeks! Last time I went there by myself I got chased by some dogs though!

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