Monday, March 14, 2011

Sketching Along the Central Escalators 遊繪中環

Through the Balustrade
We walked along the Central Escalators and decided to sit down where the balustrade was right in front of us.  I sketched the Central Police Station Compound together with the balustrade and the interesting sign hanging, stating there is a CCTV around recording everything.  So we are recorded sketching!
Making Picture Frames at Peel Street
This is a picture framing stall at the junction of Hollywood Road and Peel Street.  Hollywood Road is famous for its many art galleries. A large portrait of  Marilyn Monroe is on display across the road at the Sundaram Tagore Gallery and interestingly, by the time I finished sketching the stall in the forefront, looked back at the gallery, Marilyn Monroe was gone already.  My sketcher friend asked did I made it up since she didn't notice there was a portrait.  
Marilyn Monroe gone!