Friday, August 8, 2014

A Hongkongese in Taipei : Song Shan Cultural Park and Taipei Dome in Construction 港人畫台北 : 松山文創園與興建中的台北大巨蛋

Song Shan Cultural Park and Taipei Dome under Construction, Taipei, Taiwan

It's my first time to visit Song Shan Cultural Park.  The old complex I drew which was one of the two old main buildings was built in 1939 and was originally a cigarette factory.   It stopped operation in 1998 and was finally converted into a cultural park in 2010. 

After a nice walk around the park, I settled in the inner courtyard (Baroque Garden) of the old complex and started to sketch.  I really found the juxtaposition of the Taipei Dome in construction and the old building in front of it a very interesting sight to sketch.  



A Cafe in Song Shan Cultural Park, Taipei, Taiwan

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