Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sheung Wan Graffiti Artists 上環塗鴉高手

Graffiti Artist in Sheung Wan

I went sketching with Urban Sketchers Hong Kong in Sheung Wan this afternoon.  Stuffy with occasional rain but the weather didn't affect our high spirit at all.  I walked around the neighbourhood of Sai Street and met a group of graffiti artists at work in a narrow alley.  Great sketch material so I settled down and did two quick sketches of them.  Rookie, a graffiti artist from Taiwan posed with my sketch of him.   Great work of art they were making!

今日下午我同一班香港速寫人去上環西街一帶寫生。行到西街附近一條小巷見到一班塗鴉高手獻技就坐底畫咗兩張速寫。畫完後來自臺灣的 Rookie 重賞面同我畫佢張速寫影相。多謝Rookie!

Thanks Rookie!

Graffiti Artist at work in Sheung Wan

Sketching a Graffiti Jam


  1. Looks really dope! 2 artforms in one. Beautiful!

  2. Thanks! It was interesting to record their work in progress through sketching!