Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Urban Explorer (Sketching Workshop) 探索城市 (寫生工作坊)

I'll be hosting a sketch workshop organized by West Kowloon Cultural District Authority M+ on 12 January, sharing a number of my sketches, techniques and ideas. I'll take the participants out to the streets to sketch as well.   我將於1月12 日主持一個由西九文化區管理局M+主辦的寫生工作坊。屆時會談及我一部份作品、技巧同題材,並會同參加者一同出外寫生。

Urban Explorer (Sketching Workshop)
12 January (Sun) 3:00 – 6:00pm
Urban sketcher Gary Yeung will share with the participants the joy and challenges of sketching within the city through this outdoor sketching workshop, and reveal how the act of drawing is an enjoyable practice of observation and contemplation of the people and its surroundings.
速寫素描家Gary Yeung將會通過分享他的都市素描經驗,帶出繪畫作爲觀察及反思人與其及周邊環境的一種實踐,並會帶領參加者移師室外,親身體驗都市素描的樂趣與挑戰。 

Urban Explorer (Sketching Workshop)
日期 Date:
2014.01.12 (星期日 Sun)
時間 Time:
下午 3:00 - 6:00 pm
ArtisTree, 1/F Cornwall House, TaiKoo Place, Island East, Hong Kong and
around Via Fiori, landscaped garden outside One Island East, Hong Kong
講者 Speaker:
速寫素描家 楊復始 Gary Yeung, Urban Sketcher
語言 Language:
粵語 Cantonese
對象 For:
適合13至18歲青少年 For age 13 - 18
名額 Quota:

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