Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sketching the Tang Ancestral Hall 速寫鄧氏家祠

Sketching the Tang Ancestral Hall

Info from Wikipedia
The Tang Ancestral Hall is one of the largest ancestral halls in the territory. It is located between Hang Mei Tsuen and Hang Tau Tsuen.
It was constructed by Tang Fung-shun, the fifth generation ancestor of Tang Clan about 700 years ago. It is the main ancestral hall of the Tang clan of Ping Shan. It is a three-hall structure with two internal courtyards. The wooden brackets and beams of the three halls are carved with auspicious Chinese motifs. Shiwan dragon-fish and pottery unicorns decorate the main ridges and roofs. There are ancestral tablets at the altar at the rear hall.
This ancestral hall is still used regularly for worship and celebrations of traditional festivals and ceremonies, as well as a meeting place for the Tang clan of Ping Shan.


Sketching the Tang Ancestral Hall

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