Saturday, February 12, 2011

Conceptual Drawings for Hong Kong Western District Harbourfront Planning Competition 西區海濱長廊規劃比賽概念圖

Two friends of mine and me, we formed a team and took part in the Hong Kong Western District Harbourfront Planning Competition. Luckily we were selected as one of the finalists and were awarded an outstanding design award.  Here is three from a series of conceptual perspective drawings I did for the competition.   The first perspective drawing, barges are converted into cafes and floating observation decks, second one, the main elements of the cargo pier are preserved and turned into recreational uses, the third perspective drawing depicts a street in the evening, made up of stacked-up and refurbished containers, housing various shops.

Cargo Pier Bay      
All three perspective drawings are created using watercolor, ink, marker and photoshop
Promenade with cargo pier elements preserved      
Container Street in the evening      
Here are a few photos taken during our first site visit.  It's currently a working cargo pier and interestingly, locals are already using this vast open space as their "front" garden in the otherwise very crowded Sheung Wan area.

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