Saturday, May 14, 2016

State Theatre in North Point 北角皇都戲院

State Theatre was built in 1957. A building that was built in Soviet style with an iconic "flying buttress" structure. The front facade features a western bas relief which depicts a dancing woman who was one of the four most beautiful women in ancient China. Such unique combination of elements within one building! The theatre should be granted "declared monument" status!

North Point
Hong Kong

皇都戲院。蘇聯建築主義+中式主題西式浮雕古代美女三國時代的貂蟬+罕有「飛拱」flying buttress, 可為世界唯一。見證香港五十年代已華洋交融!絕對應列為法定古蹟!

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  1. State Theatre is actually at Fortress Hill, a place long neglected, ignored by outsiders, and often mistaken as part of North Point. For more information please visit: