Sunday, May 1, 2016

Quick Sketch at Colour Brown and Details of My Mini Exhibition 速寫Colour Brown及小型畫展詳情

Colour Brown first started its business in Sai Kung Old Town.  As the old town became more and more crowded with tourists, the cafe decided to move to this less touristy location in Jordan, Kowloon where coffee fans can take time to enjoy their coffee.   

Yesterday afternoon, a group of sketcher friends assembled at Colour Brown to sketch and enjoy the coffee there.  The coffee machines, the decorations, the bottles and glasses made excellent sketching materials and in order to capture the elongated cafe, I used fisheye view to capture the scene.  

Meantime, I also have an informal exhibition going on at Colour Brown which features a number of my live urban sketches of Hong Kong and a few studio paintings.  Here's the details:

Hong Kong Colours @ Colour Brown
No. 10 Kwun Chung Street
Date: 1 May to 31 May

 Colour Brown 始於西貢舊墟,其咖啡深受歡迎。及後西貢舊墟人流漸多,每逢假日,整條市場街必水洩不通,店主認為嘆咖啡絕不可急更不可逼,於是遷往佐敦一條安靜小街,等咖啡迷可慢慢享用 Colour Brown 各種各樣嘅咖啡。

昨日同畫友到 Colour Brown 速寫。面向長長嘅cafe,一堆咖啡機、玻璃樽、玻璃杯、骷顱、牛牛、河馬等擺設,便用魚眼透視捕捉全景。

同時,得店主邀請,小弟現於 Colour Brown 有一小型畫展,展出作品包括香港城市速寫同畫室作品。畫展詳情如下:

香港本色 @ Colour Brown

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