Friday, September 4, 2015

Sketching Causeway Bay Hungry Ghost Festival 銅鑼灣盂蘭勝會

This was the second time I sketched the Hungry Ghost Festival Rituals this year.  I was particularly drawn to the "coolies' shoes" offerings which were the site-specific origin of the Causeway Bay Hungry Ghost Festival.  (Each district in Hong Kong has its own legend/reason for holding the Hungry Ghost Festival.)  As I was told, Causeway Bay was once a pier and thus attracted a population from China to seek a better life in Hong Kong, working as “coolies”.  Unfortunately, some of them died here alone in Hong Kong and were unable to return to China.  Their spirits were believed to wander in the area ever since.  The purpose of the festival is to bring these spirits together so that they can be provided for with offerings suitable for them and hopefully they can be brought back to the cycle of reincarnation.  

今年第二次畫鬼節,畫嘅係銅鑼灣盂蘭勝會。銅鑼灣以前係起落貨嘅碼頭,吸引好多由中國南下嘅人做苦力。不幸係部份人死係香港,變成遊魂野鬼, 同鄉同行都稱呼佢地為「好兄弟」。銅鑼灣盂蘭勝會用專車係銅鑼灣一帶接載孤魂,等生嘅人可以接濟佢地,超渡佢地。

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