Monday, August 24, 2015

Sketching Ghost Festival Chiu Chau Opera in Yau Tong 油塘盂蘭勝會

I watched quite a bit of the opera but I didn't understand a bit of it as it was sung in the Chiu Chau dialect. Obviously it was a tragedy as the music had a strong sadness and the last scene was set in the underworld. It's difficult to capture a particular scene there but since there were many interesting items around so I decided to put together a collage of the site. 

Ghost Festival in Orthodox Chinese Culture (A tradition well-preserved in Hong Kong)

It's believed that on the 1st of July of the Lunar Calendar, the gate of the underworld opens and for one whole month, ghosts wander on the face of the earth. During this month, people burn offerings and place food on streets so that hungry ghosts can be fed. Different village associations also construct temporary temples and street theatres which host special Chiu Chau Opera performances both for the public and and for the ghosts as well.





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