Saturday, January 17, 2015

5-Day Sketch Challenge Day 5 : San Po Kong 五日速寫大挑戰 第五日: 遊走新蒲崗

5-Day Sketch Challenge Day 5: Iconic Plastic Wares Factory Building

The last day of my five-day sketch challenge!   I wandered around San Po Kong and sketched the following. The first sketch was the iconic plastic wares company factory building which has been around since the 70s, the second one is a lonely stone fence of a playground facing a wall of a tenement building, and the third one a Chiu Chou food stall. 

It's an interesting experience really as the limited time available each day forced me to pick up scenes that I otherwise would not sketch. Good lesson for me!


5-Day Sketch Challenge Day 5: Man in Solitude

5-Day Sketch Challenge Day 5: Quick Sketch of a Food Stall

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