Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ho Chung Cher Kung Temple 蠔涌車公廟

Cher Kung Temple

It was an overcast day.  However, the sun came out briefly and I quickly outlined the shadows cast on the temple before it hid behind the clouds again.

Info from Wikipedia

Situated on the banks of the Ho Chung River,and half a mile from Ho Chung Village of Sai Kung District, the temple is one of the oldest in Hong Kong and worship General Che, his son and his grandson. Initially built in the mid-16th century, the temple predates its popular counterpart near Tai Wai in Sha Tin who is said to worship the grandson of General Che. The present temple structure probably dates largely from 1878, while the temple furniture probably dates from the Xianfeng era (1850-1861).




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