Saturday, November 30, 2013

University Hall, the University of Hong Kong 香港大學大學堂

University Hall, the University of Hong Kong

It was very cold sketching today in the shade of University Hall this afternoon. I was shaking by the time I finished. 

Info from Wikipedia

University Hall is one of the oldest student residence of the University of Hong Kong.  The building was built in 1861 by a wealthy Scottish trader, Douglas Lapraik and was named Douglas Castle. It was later bought by the French Mission (the Societe Des Missions Etrangere De Paris).  The castle was renamed Nazareth and was enlarged to include a printing house.  The first South-East Asia Chinese Bible was printed here.  During the Japanese occupation in the Second World War, the castle was once used as a torture and execution venue.  It was bought by the University of Hong Kong in 1954 and converted into a male student residence.  



香港大學大學堂由蘇格蘭商人杜格拉斯·林柏(Douglas Lapraik)於1861年建成並命名為杜格拉斯堡(Douglas Castle)。1894年巴黎外方傳教會(the Societe Des Missions Etrangere De Paris)購入該建築物,並易名為拿撒勒樓(The Nazareth House)拿撒勒樓遭到大規模修葺及重建,更加建了一所印刷工場,印刷工場在其後期間內印刷了六萬多本由二十八種文字編成的天主教書目流傳亞洲各地,全東南亞第一本中文聖經亦出於此。香港日佔時期,拿撒勒樓及伯達尼療養院分別成為香港仔船塢工人宿舍及日本憲兵總部。教士被逐,而底層休息室以及對出庭園更是當日拷打、行刑及停屍的地方。1953年,巴黎外方傳教會撤離拿撒勒樓。香港大學於翌年將之購入,並於1956年正式用作男生宿舍及命名為大學堂。

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