Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower Now and Then 尖沙咀鐘樓古與今

Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower and Victoria Harbour

Time to compare two pieces of work here.  First, a quick sketch I did today at a friend's office on the 15th floor of Star House, Tsim Sha Tsui.  The clock tower together with its railway terminus was completed in 1916.  Sadly, the whole terminus was demolished in 1977 and only the clock tower was preserved. Below is a watercolour painting I did based on a black and white photo taken around the sixties, should also be taken on one of the top floors of Star House as Star House was built in 1963, 14 years before the railway station was demolished.  The station was of Edwardian Baroque style and was designed by British architect Brigadier General Arthur Benison Hubback (1871-1948), who also designed a number of public buildings in Malaysia.

第一張作品是今日在星光行十五樓朋友寫子樓內畫的。鐘樓連同尖沙嘴火車站大樓建於1916年。可惜到了1977年火車站就拆了,只有鐘樓保留下來。下面的水彩作品就根據一張攝於六十年代的黑白照畫的。星光行建於1963年, 可以肯定照片都是從星光行高處拍攝的。 整個尖沙嘴火車站是愛得華建築風格而建築師是英人Brigadier General Arthur Benison Hubback (1871-1948)。他的作品還有多座馬來西亞公共建築物。

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