Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Defending Hong Kong's Sovereignty 香港憲法保衛

After a million Hongkongers took to the street on 9 June and the following bloody Wednesday standoff, Carrie Lam, the head of Hong Kong, who is not elected by the people of Hong Kong but a puppet put in office by PRC China, announced that she will ‘suspend’ the controversial extradition bill. However the people of Hong Kong want a complete withdrawal of the bill. Two million Hongkongers, a quarter of the population of Hong Kong, took to the street again on 16 June to say no to the PRC China-Controlled Hong Kong Government. Why so many took to the street? It's because to block the passing of the proposed extradition bill is not just an act to ensure the safety of every Hong Kong citizen, it's also an act to defend our own constitution and sovereignty. 

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