Sunday, May 28, 2017

Hong Kong Fire Engine Escape Ladder F36 香港消防雲梯車 F36

A very charming vehicle once used by the Royal Fire Services of Hong Kong before 1997, it started service in 1958 and retired in 1985. After retirement, the vehicle was once used as a hearse for those who passed away while fighting fires. The vehicle was manufactured by Dennis Specialist Vehicles in Britain and equipped with Rolls-Royce V8 engine. Apart from sketching the vehicle, I also included two emblems of the Hong Kong Fire Services Department, one with the Crown of Queen Elizabeth II at the top while the other with the Bauhinia flower.

將軍澳消防學校內的博物館擺放了一架1958年出廠的消防雲梯車。出廠後消防車一直服役至1985年。消防車由英國丹尼士Dennis Specialist Vehicles所生產,配備勞斯萊斯V8引擎。退役後此消防雲梯車曾一度成為英勇救火不幸殉職消防員的靈車。除了畫消防車外,我亦畫了兩個不同時期的消防局鰴號,一個是香港主權移交前擁有英女王伊利沙伯二世的皇冠以及英獅手持東方之珠的鰴號,另一個是現時以洋紫荊花取代皇冠的鰴號。

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