Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Clock Tower, The Freedom Fighter and the Hong Kong Skyline 鐵路鐘樓、自由戰士與維港風光

I sat down under the shades of a row of trees on this fine hot day and sketched the spectacular view in front of me. On the right,  I sketched the remaining old clock tower of the long-gone Kowloon Canton Railway Terminal.  In front of the tower is the sculpture of the Freedom Fighter by the French sculptor César Baldaccini, donated by the Foundation of Cartier to the Hong Kong Urban Council in 1991.  To avoid political controversy,  the council decided to rename it as the Flying Frenchman which I think was a wrong decision.   And across Victoria Harbour, the skyline of Hong Kong Island.

烈日當空,樹下作畫。背景是維港對岸摩天大廈及山脊線,右面畫了原為九廣鐵路總站大樓一部份的鐘樓。鐘樓前有青銅雕塑「自由戰士」。雕塑於1991年由卡地亞基金會送贈當時的市政局。作者是César Baldaccini。可惜市政局為被免爭議,把雕塑改名為「翱翔的法國人」。

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