Sunday, December 13, 2015

Save Our Country Parks 保衛郊野公園

I went hiking and sketching today in Sai Kung Country Park to support "Save Our Country Park" Alliance.  The aim of the alliance is to protect every inch of our precious nature reserve within the many country parks in Hong Kong.

The pro-China Hong Kong government (a government which is not elected by the people of Hong Kong but appointed by Beijing, China) is proposing to develop our parks into new towns as it is estimated the population will continue to rise in our 7 million people city-state despite the fact that birth rate has always been low.  Since the handover from Britain to China in 1997, Hong Kong has gained almost 1 million of population due to the unregulated inflow of immigrants from China.  The pro-China Hong Kong government simply does not exercise its right to screen people from China, a right that is enshrined in Hong Kong's constitution, the Basic Law.  

Immigrants from China must be screened and our precious country parks must not be touched!  


非民選,親共的香港政府以人口增加及土地不足為由,欲發展香港珍貴的郊野公園,破壞香港郊野生態,企圖奪去香港人淨化心靈之所並以大量外來人口糢糊香港人身份。 香港本土出生率一向穩定,不足令人口大幅增加。香港政府從來無行駛香港憲法「基本法」內有關新移民審批權。結果九七至今,香港人口增加近一百萬。



  1. Thank you for this important post! Even though I live abroad now, I still support every fight for the HK people and it's environment. Keep it up!