Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sketching at a Wetland in Yuen Long 南生圍寫生

Sketching at a Wetland

We went out to sketch today at a wetland area in Yuen Long, Hong Kong.  The weather was humid and rainy.  Thanks to the covered wooden dock built on the water, we could safely sketch the surrounding without getting all wet.

今日一班畫友相約到南生圍寫生。天氣悶熱,時晴時雨。好彩濕地上築有一間木造小亭 ,可供避雨兼寫生。

Sketching at a Wetland


  1. I love your work. Its simple but effective; Not too empty and not too much. Also many different types of landscapes are there. Awesome Can you do a tutorial or how-to on drawing with Copic markers or other ink based markers? I would really appreciate that as I am a complete mess with ink. Bigup!

    Regards from a graffiti artist from Holland.

  2. Thanks for your appreciation. I recently made this time lapse video showing the process of making one of my paintings. Hope it helps!

  3. Hi,

    I would like to buy this painting. Can you please provide a high resolution of this and I can printout as my home decoration. Please reply to
    Thx so much.