Friday, August 31, 2012

At the Foot of Lion Rock (Defending Hong Kong against National Education) 獅子山下 (反國民教育 保衛香江)

At the Foot of Lion Rock (Defending Hong Kong) 獅子山下 (保衛香江)

Oil on Canvas

The Joint Declaration signed by Britain and China is ignored by China literally and the "One Country Two Systems" which guarantees Hong Kong's Autonomy is under serious threat! Every day we see the increasing influence from the Communist Party of China, interfering with Hong Kong's affairs. We also see how the Hong Kong Government and the chief executive (governor), which is not elected by Hongkongese, forcefully implements "national education" which focuses on praising the Communist Party in China, against the will of most Hongkongese. More than 90000 Hongkongese took to the street to protest a month ago and just now, a group of secondary school (high school) students are staging a hunger strike outside the Hong Kong Government Offices, to protest against the implementation of national education.

I hope such painting will give empowerment to the people who love Hong Kong!

1 September 2012

Woman represents mothers and parents
Child represents Hong Kong's next generation
Pearl, the Pearl of Orient, Hong Kong
Sword, protection, justice
Dragon, authentic traditional Chinese culture vs Communist culture in China
Banyan Tree (Ficus microcarpa), Local traditions, home and vitality
Lion Rock, prominent mountain in Hong Kong symbolises Hong Kong values
Red Beast, You Know Who from the north


女士 : 家長/母親
小孩 : 我們的下一代
名珠 : 香港
寶劍 : 保護/公義
龍 : 中華正統
細葉榕 : 植根本土/生命力
獅子山 : 香港價值
赤獸 : 自己估!