Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sketching at Color Brown Coffee Concept Store 一邊飲咖啡一邊畫咖啡

Sketching at a Coffee Store 一邊飲咖啡一邊畫咖啡

As a tropical storm is heading towards Hong Kong, I retreated indoor inside a popular coffee shop in Sai Kung Old Town.  I settled down in front of a row of coffee baskets, ordered a coffee and started sketching.  The staff was curious and friendly.  We chatted a lot about sketching and coffee.  What a great afternoon under a storm!

熱帶風暴韋森特靠近香港,下午西貢風雲變色! 我躲進西貢舊墟Color Brown咖啡專門店,邊飲咖啡邊畫畫。店員健談,兩小時天南地北,咖啡繪畫樣樣講!

Taken at Color Brown while sketching

Comparing the sketch with the scene


  1. You should do a sketch of some trees that have been blown down during the typhoon!

  2. I wanted to do so today but it was still too windy and rainy in the afternoon. I will try again tomorrow!