Saturday, January 14, 2012

Huge Banyan Tree Swallowing an Abandoned School 錦田樹屋

Huge Banyan Tree Wrapping an Abandoned House 錦田樹屋

Kam Tin Tree House is a huge Banyan tree (Ficus microcarpa) that has been growing for more than a hundred years at the site of an abandoned village school in the Yuen Long District. The arial roots of the tree grew along the beams, pillars and walls of the abandoned school. Through time the whole school is "swallowed" completely by the tree as the arial roots slowly thickened into hundreds of supporting trunks. The entwining trunks are really a sight to behold! Truly a living sculpture!

據說錦田樹屋原是書齋, 書齋荒廢後,旁邊的榕樹慢慢長大,氣根沿書齋的牆壁和橫樑擴張,終於變成今天的樣子。

Kam Tin Tree House

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