Monday, December 6, 2010

High Rises and Chinese Temple 三山國王與麗晶花園

Richland Garden High Rises across Kwun Tong Road 麗晶花園

A sketch done on a terraced public park, with the very dense Richland Garden residential high-rises across Kwun Tong Road. Hong Kong

Chinese Tempe in front of public housing high rises 三山國王廟 坪石邨

The "Saam Saan King Temple" , 三山國王廟 is dedicated to three "kings" or "legendary figures" who are worshipped in Southern China for centuries. This very temple was bulilt in 1800 an was facing the sea. However, with the now closed old Kai Tak airport which was developed during World War II, the temple has become an inland temple for decades. Behind the temple is three housing blocks of Ping Shek Estate, a public housing project which has been around for four decades.
Note: The tower on the left is used for burning incense for the "kings"

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